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Smithy Black Salt

Smithy Black Salt

The Smithy Black Salt is a quintessential mixture found at Raven's Keep Forge, where the Magical Blacksmith forges his weapons and tools within sacred space. It is created from the smoldering hot forge, which gives it its mystic properties. This Black Salt is a magical substance, imbued with the fiery power of Raven's Keep Forge itself.

It is developed from the anvil dust during the sacred Workings and the handcrafted charcoal that is created onsite that also fuels the forge itself. 

Black salt has long been used for warding and protection. I use it mainly for protection. I have also been known to add a pinch into my main altar candle. I feel that it adds some grounding to it, a connection if you will. I have a blog post that shares more uses for it.

You can also get a black salt kit to make your own.
This is also $5 off with purchase of another shipped item!

  • Not for INTERNAL USE

    Do not ingest! 
    Contains Two (2) Teaspoons. 

Excluding Sales Tax
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