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I’m committed to several principles: providing the highest level of service possible, ensuring that my prices remain affordable, treating each commissioned work as my own, and maintaining my core value of repurposing our natural resources. This unique focus is why so many of my clients are so loyal to me and are happy to recommend me to others.

I consider myself a Magical primitive blacksmith and enjoy bringing magic into my sacred forge work. I started working on my craft in 2012. It brings me a deep delight to co-create metalwork for people, both for their magical working, and items that can easily become heirloom pieces. Since 2016, I have been bound to The Morrigan and now embrace (read that as pushed into) the role as Her Priest. The last half decade has been a whirlwind with Herself and has felt a bit like drinking from a firehose most of the time. And I would not change a thing! A large part of my work with The Morrigan, is my magical blacksmithing. Watch this video to see my process to create magical items. I am also a proud Veteran of the US Army.

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