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An Experience at the 2022 Morrigan’s Call Retreat.

Updated: Feb 4, 2023

I hope I can do justice to what I experienced and witnessed this weekend. This was the first time I attended.

My Beloved and I arrived Wednesday night. I was blessed to be able to vend, so this allowed us to set up before Thursday. From where we are in NC it was about an eleven-hour trek. And of course, there was dampness when we arrived. I expected no less. We checked in, set up our cabin, and set up our vending table. I am going to say this here, the staff at this event is and was next level. Warm, friendly, helpful, and unnoticed. Unnoticed in the way that everything was handled before it seemed to be needed. Being that this was my first time there and I knew maybe a grand total of 3 people that were going to be there, they were a huge balm to my uneasiness of everything being new.

The next day we were able to see why it has been held here for so many years. It is rustic without being primitive. The grounds are wonderful. Well-manicured and have those lovely quiet spots tucked in here and there. Our cabin happened to be next to the river. Yea, sucked to be us! All of the gathering places were well maintained and space far enough apart to be not on top of each other, and yet far enough apart to have some privacy for the individual workshops and classes.

Throughout the weekend there was a great variety of subjects that pertained both to your

personal practice and to the Morrigan, as you may see Her. All the workshops I attended were led by those that seemed to have a great grasp on the material being delivered. They all spoke from their own experience and were more than happy to answer questions during and after. I felt that I got a wealth of information from each one I took. The Temple space is something I have no idea how to describe. Other than awesome and yet that is not near enough.

I also enjoyed the rituals. Not knowing what to expect, each seemed to build on the next. (There was a total of three, plus a wonderful handfasting we were all invited to share in). I could tell that there was a lot of planning that went into each ritual. I could also feel a connection to each one on several levels and very much felt I was an active participant in each of them.

The part that was most, I am going to use the word ‘unexpected’, was the atmosphere of family that surrounded all the days. Maybe for me it was due to vending, and I got to speak with everyone. Although I heard so many others mention this very same thing. It was like everyone was a family member I had just not met till then. I also noted one glaring thing. There was no drama that I was aware of. At all. It was as if there were a bunch of humans gathering to learn and honor and worship without the burden of cliques, hierarchy, know it all’s or any of the other truly unnecessary baggage that prevents a good event from being superb as this one was.

There was plenty of space for each to do the Work that was needed individually. There was plenty of support to help, hold space and give answers as they saw it as was necessary. I never once felt anything more or less than what I was. Someone who was trying to learn more and expand my understanding and relationship with Her. It was as if each of us were equal to each other. Some had more experience, less experience, different backgrounds, different understandings, different roles and yet none seemed to be greater than another.

With the weekend still being fresh in my mind, I think if I was asked what was the one thing I took away from my time there, it would hope. A hope that there can be a community that can come together. A community that can support one another on what ever path they are on. A community of non-judgement. A community that did not have to agree 100% with everything and still get along wonderfully. Hope that we won’t become the very thing we are working against. Hope that we can focus more on our commonalities. A hope that we understand those things we have in common are greater than our differences. A hope we can build a strong, vibrant community, in Her service. Yes, after this weekend, I am hopeful!

A good friend and veteran of The Morrigan's Call Retreat, Sionainn, wrote some thoughts that are well worth the time to read. You can find it here.

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