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August Moon Bling – Sentinel

This is a once in a blue moon opportunity 😊

If you are not familiar with what Moon Bling is, let me give you a quick introduction! Once a month I do what I call ‘community forgings’. The intention and theme change each month. They can be candle scribes, pocket notions, altar plates, pendants and more.

The nifty thing about these forgings is that one- they are done on either a full or dark moon, and two- they are created from the same metal-so each one is connected, and lastly- they are co-created within the sacred space of Her smithy (the smithy is dedicated to the Morrigan). These items are not something that I have as a normal in-stock item in the store.

So, they will be unique to this co-creation. I say ‘co-creation’ because we will all take part in bringing it into existence. From the intention of what the Moon Bling represents (the sigil or tool) to the shared connection between one another of the metal to the physical magic of the metal itself.

This month's Moon Bling is inspired by the dark moon and the blue moon, and the need for some extra protection and strength in these chaotic times. I chose two Ogham letters to forge into copper: Fern (Fee-yarn) for protection, shelter and defense, and Duir (Doo-ihr) for strength, endurance, security and power.

The copper pendant is 3/4" wide by 1" tall, and it's super shiny, like a new penny. It's a way of saying "I'm here, I'm strong, and I'm not afraid".

You can pre-order this pendant by Monday the 14th for only $35, which includes attunement ritual and leatherette cord. It will be shipped over the weekend of the 18th. Don't miss this rare chance to get your Moon Bling 😊

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