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Black Salt - What Is It and How to Use It

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

I wrote last month about Anvil Dust. I know that I am in a fortunate position to be able to create it through my forging. And as I wrote in that post, I use it. On everything. I also provide Anvil Dust to many others who use it as an ingredient to make their own Black Salt.

Over the years I have gotten several questions of ‘What is Black Salt? What do you use it for?’ So, I figured I would invite some fine folks that I know, to share what they use Black Salt for. I mean, none of us are as smart as all of us right?

Not everyone uses Anvil Dust in Black Salt. And as you will see, not everyone uses it the same way. Remarkably similar though I think. Towards the end of the post, I will share a video of how I make and use it.

Kendra says, “I use it when I got it, for specific or general work. I spread it at 4 outmost boundaries of my yard, ask for the land, home and residents in the boundary be protected from harm and ill intent from any energy from this world or any others. I know when it works because I’ll have dreams of people trying to step onto my land or house and they are unable to access it. If one gets past, I go back to the drawing board with the boundary and protection spell, adding more salt.” You can find out more about her and her offerings at

Sarah told me. “Yes, I utilize black salt. I use it for heavy duty clearing/cleansing as well as protective wards. When feeling exceedingly bogged down with negative energy one can add it to their bath. I use it across my thresholds for protection. I add to my mirror boxes, banishing jars/candles. So many uses.” You can visit her store at

Sandra shared. “Black Salt is a wonderful tool for warding and protection, and even for banishing. I make my black salt with Fine and Coarse Sea Salt, ashes from different protective herbs I burn in my cauldron, activated charcoal and a bit of anvil dust. I've seen some people get excited when they find black salt on a grocery or specialty store shelf (things like Himalayan Black Salt or Hawaiian Lava Salt), thinking this is the same thing as a magical black salt. It's not. Magical Black Salt is made with intention, from ingredients that possess the needed properties and is charged and energized. Suggested Uses: *Lay a line of salt at the thresholds of your doors into your house to keep unwanted people and energies out. One good way to keep it in place longer is to take up your threshold, lay the line of black salt across the door opening, then replace the threshold. This will keep it from being scattered as people go in and out of the door. *Sprinkle around an area to keep unwanted people or things from entering your space. *Place a small bag or pouch of it under your desk at work to keep annoying co-workers from disrupting your day. *Sprinkle black salt into the footsteps of unwanted people to keep them from returning. *Dress a black candle and roll it in the salt to use in spell work for banishing unwanted people, energies, and spirits. *Place some in a small glass bottle or vial and carry or wear it around your neck. You can find out more about her at or

Tirani commented, “So I use black salt primarily as a protective/ protection substance. My old house had a unbroken line of black salt that I had laid around the entire house outside. Going to do the same thing to the new house, once I get unpacked and find all of my stuff.

I have used it across the windows and doorways, of places I am staying temporarily as a protective measure. When I travel, I keep a small container of my homemade salt in my travel kit. I will note my homemade stuff contains a bit of forge dust that you sent me. I ground it down to a powder and included it.

That pinch of metal seems to really add a kick, particularly when it comes to malefic and unhæl spirits

I know people who have also used black salt as part of purification scrubs for hands before and after doing witchcraft.

Being a priestess of Brighid, I make my salt from hardwood charcoal taken from the first fire of the winter season. I always consecrate that fire to Her, and then save some of the charcoal from that first round of wood.”

Lisa mentioned that, “I use Black Salt to remove people from what I call my "sphere". As noted in my book Positive Pagan, I use black salt in what I call a "Banishing Spell", not to inflict harm on that person, but instead to focus the energy on removing their presence from your "sphere", which encompasses all that is in your life on a regular basis.

I add Black Salt to a plastic baggie, with a piece of paper that has that person's name written down (usually in quantities of three, so 3, 6 or 9). I label and date it, pop it in the freezer, and let it do its work. The result is usually that the inevitable happens, and the black salt in the spell provides a boost.

I find Black Salt most effective in its power for an action: removal, protection, or banishing. It is a solid tool in my tool kit, providing a clear boundary when needed.”

You can find out more at (and get her book too!) and her social media info- FB: @positivepagan

Izzy adds, “I combined the iron shavings that I purchased [from you] with charcoal, sea salt, black pepper, and ash from a fire pit to create black salt. I later used that black salt in a set of protection bottles to help obfuscate and blind anyone trying to cause harm.” You can find all the Izzy does at

With all the awesomeness shared, I hope that you are getting some idea of the usefulness and versatility of black salt. If this is new to you, I hope you learned something. You have added another tool to your magical toolbox. If it is not something new, I hope you still learned something! Make sure to take a moment and visit all these folks who shared their knowledge and experience with you freely.

As far as me, I use it mainly for protection. I like to add it to freshen up my property warding’s. I have also been known to add a pinch into my main altar candle. My main candle is one of those glass 7-day candles (that only seem to last about 4). I feel that it adds some grounding to it, a connection if you will.

And here is my recipe. (

I don't offer Black Salt in my shop. I do however, offer kits that have both the Anvil Dust and Charcoal that I make at Her Smithy. And just so it's out there, it is not for internal use.

And you can order Smithy Black Salt from me

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