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Does this ring true for you?

To be honest, I am not sure where to start with this. I think I will borrow a few lines from the musical Hamilton. “Can I be real a second? For just a millisecond? Let down my guard and tell the people how I feel a second?

I mean, WTF was all THAT? I feel like I have just now taken my first deep breath since 2020. Let’s look at the tape, shall we? These are just a few of the events over the past TWO years:

  • Covid Pandemic

  • Stay at home orders

  • George Floyd's death

  • The record-shattering 2020 hurricane season

  • Wildfires

  • The death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

  • Elections

  • Pentagon officially releases UFO videos

  • No toilet paper!

  • January 6th

  • Meme-Stock Mania

  • Deep Freeze and Power Outage in Texas

  • Cyberattack Cuts Off Key Gasoline Supply

  • Partial collapse of a 12-story condominium in Surfside, Florida

  • Withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan

  • Tornadoes ravage central U.S.

  • Baby Formula Recall

  • Russia invaded Ukraine

  • Oil Prices Surge

  • Mass Shooting in Buffalo

  • Uvalde, Texas

  • The Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade

  • Mar-a-Lago

  • Britain's Queen Elizabeth II died

  • Hurricane Ian

  • November mass shootings

  • Winter Storm and Severe Cold Sweep Across U.S.

Two years! Damn. I mean, dadgum. And I have no doubt that I missed some. And please, by all means, feel free to add some that have impacted you in the comments. I think this list is fairly considerable. It feels like I have been moving from catastrophe, to tragedy, to disaster, to fiasco, rinse, and repeat.

Anyone else feel like they have been strictly in survival mode over the last two years? Just me? There seems to be days I go from numb,

to overwhelmed!

We have ALL been through some major changes. We have all been affected one way or another. I would dare to say that none have been able to go unscarred. Unchanged. We are mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically different.

Which brings me to this point. I’m done with this ride I have found myself on. I am choosing to change my focus. My Beloved says, find your joy. Do the things that bring you joy. Find some joy in the things you do. That is not about a head in the sand change.

I was recently in one of my daily morning meditations. And I must confess, I was rather whiney during this particular morning. (it happens) Then this picture with phrase crossed my thoughts.

It’s hard. It’s hard to do. It’s hard not to do. I have decided to choose my hard. Sometimes one has to embrace the suck, and hammer on.

It’s also about being empowered to change directions. To take (or take back) control of life. Certain situations may be out of ones control, but we do have the power in how we react to it. E+R=O (the Event + our Reaction = the Outcome). Do the Work. Work the Magic(K). I don’t want to survive. I want to thrive. Do you feel me?

So, starting today, it’s a New Day! (Rinse, repeat, as necessary. It should work both ways don’t ya think?) Giddy up!


It’s a New Day Talisman! This will be the Moon Bling for February. Order now.

The front has a sunrise with the tempering to go with it. Going from dark on the bottom to getting lighter, brighter at the top. There are seven rays.. On the back are the Ogham fid of Beith (new beginnings/phase, purification, divine protection, cleansing) and NGetal (Physical and emotional healing, clearing away, cleaning). Boom.

I will forge it on steel (strength, courage, focus, grounding) around the dark moon, the 20th. Pre-order will be available until the 17th.


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