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Great Expectations.

Updated: Feb 4, 2023

The past Fall session of the Magical Blacksmithing Workshop was something. To me, it’s a weekend that seems longer and shorter than merely a few days. I find it extremely challenging to put into words what the weekend is about. Others do much better than I. For me, I was a tad bit anxious about this one. There were going to be several attendees that I know and very much respect. And I was going to take on a different role than I have in the past. So yeah, I was nervous

One thing I have noticed about these particular workshops that differs from others, it seems everyone goes through some sort of initiation with the weekend. Various degrees and challenges. I will explain none of them here. Not my place, too. I think it is part of working with metal magically. And not with ‘just’ the metal. Seeing it as part of a whole.

Another thing I have picked up on is what some come wanting to make, and then what they actually help craft. Putting oneself in a position to listen, really listen, can be tough. And what they leave with is spectacular. I can tell the difference between what is shaped and what is created. And full disclosure, I believe the land helps with this. It's a part of the journey. We are blessed to live in a place that has little to no cell phone reception. So one gets to unplug while here. It is welcomed from what I have been told.

To see the glow surrounding everyone on Sunday is something to behold. It’s a hard weekend. Everyone works hard. Everyone has to overcome something. (We are well fed though. Being hungry is NOT part of this experience). I think most are tired. Most will do things they never have before, in a way never done. New ideas are discussed and space is given to explore.

No matter how someone comes to this weekend workshop, they are different when they leave. I have been told that what transpired in the 3 days is greater than the imagination. It was so much more than their expectation. And I address this from the beginning. In our orientation, I ask that everyone release their expectations and let the weekend come to you. I think this is also part of the hard work. To give yourself permission to just be for a few days without expectations.

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