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How to Thrive in the Midst of Chaos:

Tips for Surviving and Even Flourishing While the World Seems to Burn

I had one of the Kindred say to me that they are feeling increasingly overwhelmed and a bit powerless against the steady onslaught of hate and repression. And asked for advice on what we might do, how we can cultivate resilience, how to protect ourselves.

So I was thinking that this was a BIG topic. I sure there must be others who may feel this way as well. And I thought that it would be helpful to lean on a few others. One of my life mottos is 'None of us are as smart as ALL of us'. So, here are some next level folks sharing their wisdom.


These are the things I use regularly in my practice to help keep my vibration high and combat seasonal depression. Use what resonates, toss what doesn’t!

Working with the Elements

Salt - Use blocks as a resting place for your feet, add salt lamps to your spaces

Sand, Sticks, Stones - Collect stones, flowers/herbs, and sticks, work with and hold them during meditation, add mini sand gardens and play boxes to indoor spaces Water - Mineral baths and shower steams for body, stay well hydrated, and add indoor fountains, fish tanks, or waterfall features to your spaces

Fire - Use candles to shift energy, fire pits to center and reconnect, herbal or incense smoke to cleanse

Sunlight - Grab a spot near the window where the sun is pouring in and soak it up


Indoor Gardening - Play in dirt and plant some new 🌱 babies - bonus points for growing herbs you can use in your practice or for cooking 👏🏽

Connect - Lie or sit on grounding mats wicker, bamboo, etc., meditate and/or practice breath work

Foods - Eat lots of healthy foods and root veggies

Movement and Music - Dance, sing, play, exercise, and stretch to keep the energy in motion

Community - Stay connected to your online communities, keep close contact with family and friends, plan impromptu in person or online gatherings and game nights if those type of activities bring you joy!

Manbo Sky Bradshaw (Her Website for sessions, classes, and more:

And she has a next level Podcast: shares these tips: When I reflect on the best way to bolster our resilience, resolve, strength, and clear-thinking during times of challenge I feel it calls for us to stand as our authentic self, centered in our inner power. This means we must truly know ourselves in our strengths and weaknesses, then be willing to grow and heal as needed. If we can stand grounded in our core-self then we are less likely to be affected by things that don’t speak the language of our inner knowing. From that strong sense of center, we can reach out in a balanced way to support greater change in this volatile world by coming from a place of our Truth. 

I have a firm belief that when the one is strengthened the sum is strengthened. I personally feel that when we build a sense of self-trust, self-worth, and empowerment then we have a strong foundation to do any other work that calls to us. That means that we must turn inward with a deep sense of truly seeing and knowing ourselves before we move out into action. After all we are human beings not human doings.

If I had one piece of advice for someone who wanted to step into their power to instill great change in the world it would be that they create a deep foundation on which to stand. When we have that sturdy sense of self, we are less likely to be swayed by doubt, swept into denial, or obstructed by fear. Knowledge is power, so I say start with the knowledge of the self so everything that follows comes from the power of the heart and soul.

Lisa Wagoner (Author of 'Positive Pagan: Staying Upbeat in an Offbeat World' She gives us these nuggets:

It is definitely hard nowadays, in ways so different from 2020 or any other "hard year" (remember 2016?!) to keep going. This year, personally, I have had to really dig deep into my toolbox and reserves to put one foot in front of the other, and keep going.

A few things that keep me moving forward are listed below:

Grounding and shielding: I do this daily. I ground daily by walking barefoot in the grass or touching dirt in my plant pots. I grab some hematite or tourmaline. Regular deep breathing and meditation also help.

Thinking of others: My own mental stirals can be so very draining, so when I find myself going down that road, I get out of my head and check on others. Whether a text, email, call or planning a visit with a friend, I check on others and nurture my community connections.

Adding magical rituals to my day: I always stir in multiples of three, light candles, work with herbs and crystals. When the mundane world is too much, I turn to my magical tools and practices. It's all part of my spiritual practice, which is also really important to maintain on days such as these.

And if all else fails, I hug those I love. I cherish my friends and family, and the serotonin boost from that action is the energy I rely on to bolster, resolve and get some really clear thinking.

Sionainn McLean from Liminal Raven Ministries (You can follow Sionainn over at -she’s got a blog and offers individual and group spiritual companionship sessions.) She gives us this advice

What can we do when the world feels like it’s on fire and there’s nothing you can do to put it out?

Prioritize yourself, even if it’s just 20 minutes a day. Yes, 20 whole minutes. If you can’t find 20 minutes for yourself, I don’t know what to tell you. You are important. You are worth 20 minutes. I’d say you are worth more, but I know too many folks who just can’t see that yet. Take 20 minutes for yourself and meditate, contemplate, breathe, pray- whatever you want to call taking 20 minutes and filling yourself with divine silence, reflection, listening. Let your spirit resonate with a message- what do you need? If you can sit longer, do it. If you can’t sometimes, let it go. The act of self-compassion is one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves.

What else can you do?

• Find support. Talk to friends, family, a therapist, a priest/priestess, minister, spiritual companion- anyone you trust.

• Feel. Don’t be afraid to be sad, angry, upset, frustrated. Don’t be afraid to cry.

• Use your voice. Call out injustice. Even if it’s just social media, even if it’s just to your friends. Injustice must always be called out.

• Re-focus your stagnant energy. Create an art piece, write a blog, article, or even go write some fiction that channels some of the energy that has no place to go into something useful. Knit, crochet, do something that you enjoy so you aren’t just sitting there, drowning in excess negative energy. In this way, you transform the energy into something tangible.

• Read. Play a video game, board games, card games etc. Distraction is perfectly acceptable on a short-term basis.

• Physical exercise will help release extra energy, produce endorphins, and give you a needed release. Plus, you’ll feel better!

• Create a ritual based on what you feel and what you need. Whether it’s to release things or call in needed energies.

• Simply take a break without guilt. No news, no additional information, research...nothing related to the shit-show that is overwhelming you for 24 hours, two days, a week. The world won’t fall apart because you weren’t paying attention for a mental health break. It’ll fall apart regardless.

• Let it go. Not stop caring- that’s not what I mean, but at some point, we must admit our limitations. We, as individual humans cannot and will not change these bigger events in the world. All we can do, in the end, is shine better for the world by showing the world what a good human looks like- showing compassion, love, and support for one another.


I am grateful to be associated with some very outstanding folks! I am trusting that there are a few tidbits that you can add into your practice. And I hope that by doing so, it will give you additional strength. Enough so that you can offer a 'hand up' to someone. (I don't believe in 'hand outs', and I am a firm believer in offering a 'hand up'.)

Thanks for reading. Be sure to visit the folks that have generously offered their wisdom with us. I am sure they would appreciate a 'thank you' as well.


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