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March Moon Bling ~Stronghold~

Is it just me or is time starting to hit that other gear? My ‘to do’ list is growing much faster than my ‘done’ list!

Anyway, this post may seem a bit circular as I type my way through it. It will also get personal. I mean really, when is magick NOT personal? AmIright?

When I did last month's Moon Bling, I kinda had a clever idea what this month was going to be. This is very rare for me. This all may make better sense if I catch y’all up to speed. For the last four (FOUR 4) months I have been stuck on the Ogham fid of Ruis. (I have been working through a cycle of them over on my YouTube page) My ‘cheat sheet’ interprets Ruis as: erotic and sexual energies, focus that gives power to pursue (obsession), deep devotion, protection, work with the faerie, protection against psychic attacks, shame, humiliation, regret, revenge, anger, blushing, endings, completion, controlling power.

As with most things I have found out, there rarely ever is a quick simple answer. You know, X=Y. It seems like most things for me are like, well, it could be this or that or the other thing etc. And the Ogham is no exception for me. I have found it to be a ‘living’ system and I am comfortable with that. In other words, the answer depends on what I need to see, or learn. It’s a process. 

Back to this month's Moon Bling. Ruis. I see Ruis as an experience of some of those base, primal emotions. You know, Anger, Revenge, Shame, Passion, Obsession, etc. For me it’s those emotions that I don’t allow myself to fully feel because I’m afraid of being lost in them. And for full disclosure, I have wallowed in all of these over the last FOUR months. (sidebar, for those that didn’t know, I have been working through my second cancer diagnosis and treatment) It’s been something let me tell ya. And I think in the coming months, with the world the way it is, experiencing these base emotions will be required. 

Enter the ‘circle’ of Fern. My cheat sheet describes Fern as: protection, creating emotional walls, shield, shelter, safeguard, containment, protection spells, battle witch, sage within, source of guidance, support, protection during attack, rooted guardian. For me, this is a great compliment to be able to hold space while these emotions run. I don’t see it as going all willy-nilly, screaming-toddler-fit-in-public type of protection. (although no judgment from me on it). I see this as a safe place to experience and notice the depth of the emotion. Healthy like. And it can also be that safe place to let the drive of obsession to motivate you to live your passion. 

Passion is so much more than just the erotic. Passion about helping folks, art, writing, that thing you REALLY want to do. Whatever YOUR WORK is. This world right now NEEDS you to do YOUR WORK. This can be your ‘round tuit’. (you know, the ole I’ll do that when I get around to it). Not a call to action, it’s more than that. A call to passion!

So, this talisman is a ‘Yes And..’. It can prompt you to feel into those intense primal emotions you’ve got stuffed down, in a place of safety. And it can ‘release the Kraken!’ of your passion to step into your Work.

These will be co-created around the Dark Moon of March 10th. Pre-order by February 8th. I want to make these in steel. To me steel is strength and stamina, strong and rigid energy- dependable, trustworthy. protective. Cold, but not in a necessarily unfeeling way. Laser-like focus. Powerful and stout. Resolute and dependable. There is a nobility to it. Loyal and enduring. An inner deep strength of the ages. Confident. Grounding. There is also a connection to the heavens- it falls from the sky. As above, so below. I also feel a great strength with steel. Perfect for this Work. The steel used is the same as what the large Ogham sets are. It is a little thicker than my normal pendants. These will include an activation ritual as well.

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2 commentaires

Wow, Sam, this is a very powerful design. Thank you so much for creating it and being so open and vulnerable about your own journey. Ruis can be a tough fid to work with, especially as passionate as I have always been about my magical work. My inner dragon loves Ruis, I just need to negotiate her wanting to burn everything in her way…I suspect you know what I mean. Thank you for creating this and I am excited to receive it. Take good care of yourself!

En réponse à

Thank you. Sharing 'stuff' is not a part of my DNA, so I'm learning. And this is way up there in 'things' I have co-created. It's like a bellows and fire extinguisher in one. Not sure if that makes sense. You'll see 😎

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