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Moon Bling Baby! (not responsible for earworms…)

Moon Bling is back this month in an EPIC way!

If you are not familiar with what Moon Bling is, let me give you a quick introduction! Once a month I do what I call ‘community forgings’. The intention and theme change each month. They can be candle scribes, pocket notions, altar plates, pendants and more.

The nifty thing about these forgings is that one- they are done on either a full or dark moon, and two- they are created from the same metal-so each one is connected, and lastly- they are co-created within the sacred space of Her smithy (the smithy is dedicated to the Morrigan). These items are not something that I have as a normal in-stock item in the store.

So, they will be unique to this co-creation. I say ‘co-creation’ because we will all take part in bringing it into existence. From the intention of what the Moon Bling represents (the sigil or tool) to the shared connection between one another of the metal to the physical magic of the metal itself.

The July Moon Bling will be forged on the Dark Moon (the 17th). Available only for preorder at the webstore. It will be named Rejuvenation.

This sigil will be made up of three Ogham feda (letters)

  • Starting from the bottom of the sigil is Duir (Pronounced Doo-ihr) I am using it here for strength, endurance, strong foundation, and the power of the Gods into your Work.

  • The next is NGetal (Neh-tahl) I am using it here for physical and emotional healing, courage, and self-care.

  • The top one is Beith (Beh) Here it represents divine protection, new beginnings, growth, and initiation.

On the back is the RKF touchmark. It is my distinct mark as a signature for this pendant.

All chiseled into steel and then tempered to bring out its splendid color. Each will include a leatherette cord. Cost is $40 and includes shipping.

Last day to order yours is the 16th


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Don't leave just yet! Check out all the Forge Bling in the shop. And get the book 'Metal Never Lies An Introduction To Metal Magic' (You DO NOT need to be a blacksmith to practice metal magic!)

Or see what upcoming weekend Workshops & Primitive Blacksmithing are available. Finally, you can see what others say about their experience!

And don't forget to check out some things you may have missed on the YouTube channel. It is going to be a place you will really enjoy and learn from.

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Georgia Gabet
Georgia Gabet

I'm new, here, trying to access the free video from the front page. Running Silk browser on an Amazon Fire tablet. For some reason, at different times, the screen will brighten in a flash and the video will pause. Can't get it to run afterward. Am I doing something wrong? Thank you for your work. I haven't visited a forge since Girl Scouts- a field trip to Connor's Prairie in Indiana.

Georgia Gabet
Georgia Gabet

Yes, that's where I was when it happened. Three times, now. I'll try something else and see if the "film" is broken or if it's the browser. I don't usually have trouble on YouTube.

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