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My Experience at the 2024 Morrigan’s Call Retreat.

I am not sure where to begin, or even how to explain in a way that will do it justice. I missed it last year due to well-documented reasons. I have been just focusing on getting there. I mentioned elsewhere that I felt like I was holding it together with duck-tape and twine. There was such a release for me. I don’t want to get ahead of myself. Let’s start with arrival.

We (my Beloved and I) broke the trip up this time. We drove up halfway through and spent the night in Gettysburg. We were not able to spend enough time there. We will go back. It seems important in today’s environment. We arrived late Thursday afternoon. It gave us some time to set up our vending and settle in. It was fantastic to have that time to pick up where we left off. These folks (the staff that help make this event work) are just some of the best peeps that you will ever meet. And I have/had/has missed them!

The next day my Beloved and I went off site to have breakfast and to have some couple time

before the phenomenon that is ‘The Morrigan’s Call Retreat’ really starts. We had orientation (I think there were over 120 folks there, which is awesome!), then break out into three groups to start our Work for the weekend. After lunch (the food was outstanding all weekend!!), there were two blocks of classes. The opportunity to get some next level wisdom there is abundant. I struggle with deciding which to attend most of the time. However, I did spend the time just settling in. I was reminded several times from multiple people that it is a marathon, not a sprint. I’m glad I did because the evening Ritual was something.

Evening Ritual. It was epic. I was honored to be allowed to present my devotional spear to the Community. The making of it are out and about. It was extremely emotional for me. I am not even going to try and describe it. It was a huge release, of A LOT of stuff that had been built up over the last year. It was perfect.

The rest of the weekend was full wisdom, connecting, aligning, sharing, laughing, crying and just being. Once again, I learned so much. About me. About this community that I am connected to. About service to The Morrigan. And I learned I need these people. And hopefully they need me too. I am a better person because of this Community.

For me this event is so much more than can be explained with written dialog. As with most meaningful things in my life, it must be experienced. And I am not going to try and convey it all here. If you are interested in it, go. It will change you. It is a wonderous experience to be surrounded by 100+ people ‘pulling the rope’ in the same direction. Being in service and/or learning in the company of others who are doing the same thing. It is an endeavor like no other.

On a side note. I got the pleasure of meeting and speaking with the one and only Morgan Daimler for a time. They are not nearly as scary as they make out to be. It was quite splendid.

The worst part of the whole escapade was the simple fact of having to return home. We have Work that needs to be done. We shall return. We will pick right up where we need too. We will once again hold space for one another. Support one another. Create a totally safe place for that Work to be done. There is so much I can add to this. There were a lot of private happenings. And I will hold on to those, tightly.

Maybe I will have the pleasure of seeing you there next year!!

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Josey Wales
Josey Wales
2 days ago

Sambo: Had the honor of meeting you and your wife. Appreciate your time and kindness. Nothing I can put here you haven't already covered. I met Morgan Daimler as well having attended one of her classes at the MCR. Down to earth, humble and funny. I had an opportunity to chat with Stephanie Woodfield as well, such a great and humble person as well. Thanks, for your time.

Respondendo a

Excellent. Thanks for your kindness

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