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October Moon Bling ~ Lineage

This month’s Community forging will be something totally different! Not only will it be Co-created right after the ‘ring of fire’ on the 14th, but it will also hang from key ring! (can also be used as a pendant).

My intention is that no matter where you go, you have a reminder that your ancestors are there to communicate with. On one side will be the Ogham fid Muin, for communication, affections, and clarity. On the other side will be the fid of Idad, for memory, connection with the ancestors, and divination.

These will be made from mild steel (iron) and should be to you in time for your Samhain Celebration. It will measure ¾"w x 1"h.

Preorder only by Friday the 13th. The cost is only $45 and will include activation ritual.

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