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September Dark Moon Bling – Endeavor

This month will be unique in the way that it is put together. One will lay over the other.

I am using Coll for wisdom and the sources of it, seeing through liminal, guidance for direction, shapeshifting (to become what you need to become), right seeing, wishes granted.

Onn is movement. Travel, journey, blockages shifted, passion, action, success.

Endevour! Combined this is about your WORK. Getting out of neutral into drive. Moving forward in doing what you are called to do. It’s about choosing to not be on the sidelines.

Taking action, control and responsibility. It’s about focusing on the end result and not being distracted from the things that keep you from doing your WORK. This world needs you to do what you need to do.

Look at it as your permission slip to get to your WORK.

These will be cut from a one-inch copper bar, each supporting each. They will be round (think of it as your very own ‘round tuit’) and will include leatherette cord and connection ritual. Co-created on the 15th and shipped on the 18th. Cost will be $40. Pre-order only by 14th.

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