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Some Quick Thoughts from the Magical Blacksmithing Weekend

Updated: Feb 4, 2023

The weather was interesting. I remember thinking beforehand, I just would like it not to rain. Well, I got that part! It was a beautiful, cloudless 3 days and 2 nights. The other part was the temperature. I neglected to be more specific, it seems. Results, 20’s at night for the 2 nights.

Yep, lows of 50 before and after the weekend, 20’s during. Sometimes it works out like it’s supposed to, though. My Beloved and I were talking about it Friday evening. It really felt like an initiation of sorts. Get the mind and body good and tired so WORK can be done. She was calling it part of a ‘hero’s journey’. I discussed this thought with the ones that camped before breakfast Saturday morning around the fire and, of course, with a hot beverage. I am not sure they were in total agreement with our theory LOL. We talked about it a bit more over breakfast and discovered that the ones that stayed off site didn’t sleep well either. Everyone was a tad bit foggy minded. I can totally identify with that sentiment BTW. I think that hero's journey started to make a bit more sense to everyone. Then, let’s fill everyone up with a warm hearty breakfast and send them off to do WORK! For reasons I know you will understand and respect, a lot of what we did over the weekend will stay undisclosed. Both for those who did experience it, and for those that will at a later time. It honored me to be a part of the process. I’ll share some more snippets in the time to come. I just thought this was an interesting way for the weekend to begin, and looking back on it, worked out nicely.

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