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Through the Ages

Updated: Feb 4, 2023

I want to tell you a story. A story of how I came up with the “Through The Ages’ style of

pendants came about. As with most things that seem to happen in my life, there is a bit of a journey involved with it. It started with The Cottage, Her cottage. Which then needed a plaque. All seems simple and innocent enough. And this design even found its way into the Blade. After the plaque, it became the pendants.

The plaque. I am not totally clear as to how it came about. As funny as that may sound to some of you. Some of you will understand. It was just what needed to be made. I made the back from an old lawnmower blade. (Iron for simplicity) Hammered and tempered. Then there is the Bronze that has ‘Morrigan’ in Ogham on it. (Well, it is Her Cottage right?) All held together by copper rivets. Copper, Bronze, and Iron. It really didn’t hit me yet.

The pendants. I will go into as much detail as I can about them. Some of it is personal that will not be shared, and some, well, I just don’t know. You see, this is part of the magic(k) and sorcery that is Raven’s Keep Forge. I will say right off the bat, that these are reserved & created for those that follow and honor the old ways. These are not baubles or trinkets. These are fashioned and co-created in ‘real time’. Metal Magic in a pure form. There may be some guidelines as to what the theme is, the forging is the forging though. I show up, pay attention, and let go of the outcome.

The first of its kind was a gift to my Beloved (not from me mind you). I got a ‘ping’ -And it went something like this: you need to make a thing. What? What kind of thing? Don’t concern yourself about it, just go to work. (Yea, it’s a theme). So off to wandering around the smithy I went. Looking in buckets and tubs and through piles. Iron. Yes, iron. Strength, will, protection. Better yet, make it tool steel! An edge. Focus. Good. Now Bronze. Radiance, regal, dazzling, intense. Copper. Hold it together with copper. Healing, elegance, energy flow. Now put this on it. I don’t know what that means. You don’t need to, it’s not for you. K. And I hammer it all out. When I got it finished, I must say, it was pretty spiffy. When you give it to her, tell her ‘I have been with you through the ages'. I'm not a bit ashamed to say that I lost it. Total tear fest. It was one of those events.

And since then, I have made these for those that asked. It is a creative process that takes some time, and it is involved. Each one is unique to the individual. Most take weeks of discussion. These are unlike anything else I create. It is challenging to put into words. Some have said that it was like a kind of partnership in the planning. That it immediately attracted them to the tri-metals. It was as if the Work emanated from my heart and from a well of magical power that transforms metal into divine art. It is the most magical item they own. And more.

What I hope you take away from this post is that metal can be a vital part of one's magical practice. Combined with a relationship to Deity, it can become more so. If you Listen and are Open (see what I did/doing there/here?), then incredible things will happen! I encourage you to become a co-creator. Remove self-imposed limits of what you think can and cannot be done. Open yourself to the magnificent world that is around you. It is full of life and allies. Feel it!

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