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What is Moon Bling?

I figured this would be a suitable time to explain what I mean exactly by 'Moon Bling'

Once a month I do what I call ‘community forgings’. The intention and theme change each month. In the past the items have been candle scribes, pocket notions, altar plates, pendants and more.

The nifty thing about these forgings is that one - they are done on either a full or dark moon,

two - they are created from the same metal-so each one is connected, and

lastly - they are co-created within the sacred space of Her smithy (my smithy is dedicated to the Morrigan). These items are not something that I have as a normal in-stock item in the store.

So, they will be unique to its co-creation. I say ‘co-creation’ because we will all take part in bringing it into existence. From the intention of what the Moon Bling represents (the sigil or tool), to the shared connection between one another of the metal (being made from the same section of metal) to the physical magic of the metal itself.

Moon Bling is so much more than a catchy phrase. It enables you to be connected to the magical aspect of what the metal is, (iron, copper, bronze, brass). It connects you with others around the globe who also feel the need to have that month's magical creation. A kindred of shared need. You will also have the magic of the sigil. All forged within the sacred space of a primitive smithy dedicated to the Great Queen, The Morrigan.

Every part of the co-creation at Raven's Keep Forge, I have a hand in. Starting with the charcoal that is made on site. I source the wood that makes the charcoal. It is from a local-ish wood shop. It is their scraps that they normally throw out. I also collect the wood used to burn under the drum from local fallen trees. So, I get it, cut it, split it, stack it and then it is ready to burn. It takes a few days to make a batch. This is the 'Forge Fuel'.

About 95% of all the metal used here is repurposed. I prefer the word upcycled! :) I travel and spend that day in a large scrap yard. I walk around and see what speaks to me. I love the energy of metal that has a story to tell. I talk much more about this in my book.

All of this comes together to create the magic of Moon Bling! I hope this helps give you a clearer understanding of what goes into making your Bling!

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