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Metal 'Confetti' pendants

Metal 'Confetti' pendants

All the metal has been collected from Ritual Workings. So, these contain some yumminess of Work being done. They have been sealed with wax to add to the security. 


Copper-(Energize, Healing, Comforting, Elegant/Majestic)
Bronze-(Sturdy, Unyielding, Dazzling, Intense, Regal, Passionate)
Brass-(Enduring, Rugged, Utilitarian, Natural belonging)

Steel (Iron)-(Strength, Stamina, Trustworthy, Protective, Laser-like focus, Powerful, Stout, Resolute, Dependable, Loyal, Confident, Grounding)

Anvil Dust-(Strength, Attraction, Protection, Luck) 

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