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Metal Never Lies: An Introduction to Metal Magic

Metal Never Lies: An Introduction to Metal Magic

This book has been specifically designed so you can learn magical metal work with NO tools. You do not need 'tools' to be able to do metal magic. I will show you how! It is my goal that you spend your time doing the work, not collecting gadgets. You can also learn to create your own magical metal work with minimal tools that most people will have on hand or easily acquired.

Metal Never Lies is written for those who yearn to add more to their magic and spiritual lives. They have that itch that knows there is something missing, something new yet ancient. Through tested and proven methods, Metal Never Lies answers the question: How can I use Metal Magic to enhance my Spiritual practice?

In Metal Never Lies, readers will:

• Use a dependable blueprint to deeply understand metal ‘personalities’ like never before

• Examine hints as seen in Irish lore of metal magic and how it may be impactful today

• Gain a robust understanding of the properties of some common metals

• Explore current uses and ponder ways to incorporate metal magic into your daily life

• Experiment with different ‘make your own’ projects

• Rituals to help incorporate metal into your practice

• And more!

Upon completion the participant will have a strong confidence in multiple techniques to include different metals magically on a regular basis. Along the way the reader can create items, both simple and advanced, to aid them in their spiritual practice.


Here is a review of the book by Lisa Wagoner at Patheos

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