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Warrior Respite Incense

Warrior Respite Incense

I don’t know about you, I am finding the need more and more, to just hit pause. Just for a moment. And just be. This mixture seems to help me do just that. It’s as if it gives me permission to catch a breather. Just for a moment. 

This may seem like a complex concoction. Well, I am finding these to be complex times my kindred. I understand how Bilbo felt when he said “I feel thin, sort of stretched, like butter scraped over too much bread.” 

This blend is special. Ingredients:
Sandalwood - to reduce stress, calm the mind
Clove - to dispel the negativity, purify the space
Pinon Pine - promote courage and inner strength
Frankincense - grounding, tranquility, opening up to wisdom
White Sage - cleansing
Dragons Blood - centering, protection
Cold Forge Charcoal - power, transformation
It is a warm comforting scent. 


I hand roll this incense with whole plant ingredients and never use oils or chemicals. I keep the ingredients simple & the scents subtle.

NO Perfume or Fragrance Oils 
NO Dyes 
NO Synthetics 
NO Chemicals
Abandon mundane, mass-produced cones full of synthetic chemicals and who knows what. Instead, indulge in a truly magickal experience. Embrace the enchanting aroma of natural incense crafted with intention and care.

Each cone is designed to burn 10-15 min
Comes in a 9 pack only.

  • Hand Blended & Rolled

    These items are  made by hand and and may vary slightly in size and color from what is pictured.

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