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White Sage Incense Cones

White Sage Incense Cones

White Sage can enhance a balanced state of mind, promote relaxation, and improve your mood. It has a fresh, penetrating, uplifting aroma. White Sage is kind of like an eraser, it will help remove the day’s burdens and ease emotional suffering. Traditionally it’s associated with cleansing negative energy from a space.


I hand roll this incense with whole plant ingredients and never use oils or chemicals. I keep the ingredients simple & the scents subtle.

  • NO Perfume or Fragrance Oils 
  • NO Dyes 
  • NO Synthetics 
  • NO Chemicals

Abandon mundane, mass-produced cones full of synthetic chemicals and who knows what. Instead, indulge in a truly magickal experience. Embrace the enchanting aroma of natural incense crafted with intention and care.

Ingredients: Certified organic cultivated white sage, sustainably harvested wild Sandalwood from the native Western Australian Species, Makko powder imported from Hino Japan, Homemade hardwood cold forge charcoal (read about this here), Guar Gum
Each cone is designed to burn 10-15 min. 



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