Interview about Magical Blacksmithing

Updated: Feb 6

Back in February 2021 I was honored to be interviewed by Kendra. She is so awesome! I thought I would share it here so you have the chance to give it a watch and/or listen. Here is her post.

K. McMurray, Intuitive Guide and Soul Bridge

SOUL FAM COLLABS & CONVOS INSTANT REPLAY • FORGED IN THE FIRE I just finished chatting with one of my soul fam favorites, Sam Thompson, about his journey as a Priest of the Irish, Goddess, An Mórrígan and his work and service as a primitive blacksmith. To watch the replay, click here To get in touch with him and learn about his blacksmithing workshops, tune into his live shows and/or to commission custom tools and pieces, visit Ravens Keep Forge. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and passion with us Sam Thompson Bo Haynes BONUS RESOURCE Magical Forging Process ** K. McMurray Storyteller | Dream Worker | Soul Bridge