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March Moon Bling -Fortitude-

As I was sitting with what to do with this month’s community forging, the main thing that I kept coming back to was it needed to be spunky.

If you don't know anything about what the Ogham means on this talisman, when you look at it, I hope you will see balance in it or even the possibly of stairs/steps leading up. It is my desire that the color feels peppy to you. And that the texture of the metal and overall feeling of this gives you a steadfast and enduring impression.


On to the sigil. Reading from the bottom, the first fid (Ogham letter) is Duir. I am using this for strength and endurance, directing power and firmly rooted. I see this as our core power. It is what makes you a survivor.

The other fid is Lus. I am applying the meaning here of inspiration, magical protection, primal energy, spiritual discipline, and enchantment. This is the ‘get up and go’. (And who can’t use a dash of magical protection?) The fire in the belly. The conjuring up the will to do something.

Together I see this as bringing forth your personal power to bear. To fan that inner flame of inspiration and resolve. Linked it provides us FORTITUDE!

I think in pictures. I envision it being like a cloak of kick-assery. This should give the feeling of "I have *ish to do and I’m about getting *ish done!


This could possibly even add some strut to your walk.

We have all been through some ‘stuff’. Now let’s start to handle our business and Get. To. WORK!


This will only be available for pre-order until the 19th of March 2023. These will be forged on the Dark Moon of the 21st. $35 includes shipping, cord, and activation ritual.

*For entertainment purposes only


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I just listened to your interview with Kim on Your Average Witch - that was fun!

Sam (Bo) Thompson
Sam (Bo) Thompson
Mar 11, 2023
Replying to

I'm glad you enjoyed it! And Welcome!

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