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Metal for Magical Tools?

Updated: Feb 4, 2023

So, let’s talk about some concepts behind metal magic as I see it. You are probably doing some form of it right now and may not even realize it. First, let’s look at the easiest way to incorporate metal into your practice. Wear it! Some of you may have a watch, necklace, or some form of ring on you at this very moment. You can simply acknowledge that this item has energy (especially if it was a gift/heirloom) and you are empowering this tool. Magic!

At this point I would like to give my definition of a tool, so we are all on the same page. Usually when I bring up that I am a Magical blacksmith, most ask me about knives. Yes, knives are tools, and in my opinion, one of the least useful for magical working. Bear with me a little while and maybe you will understand my thinking.

Tool (Merriam-Webster): “A handheld device that aids in accomplishing a task. Something (such as an instrument or apparatus) used in performing an operation or necessary in the practice of a vocation or profession. A foolish or unlikable person.” OK, maybe not that last one! In my view, a Magical tool is anything that aides my work or my practice. My goal is to get you thinking about other ways to incorporate metal into your work.

Some items that I use as tools in my practice or on my altar that are metal: Incense holder, Offering cup, Candle dish, Statuary base, Athame, Wand, Dice, Nail. Other metal tools: Amulets, Talismans, Pocket tablet or coin (these are all great to have a sigil hammered in), Hair sticks, Offering plates, Cloak pin, Spear tip, Quill, Wards, Pendants (Troll cross, Hammer, knotwork etc.), Bracelet, Anvil dust and the list can go on and on.

But at a basic magical level, metal is powerful because it is forged in the earth along with the other elements. Metal is the basis of alchemy. Metals can be charged with reiki, solar or lunar energy or, you can simply to put your own energy imprint into the metal. Metals are conductive to physical energy as well as psychic energy and are excellent retainers of energy. They can be used for psychometry (gaining psychic information from an object) – the longer an object is worn or held by a person, more of their energetic imprint is imparted into the object. Therefore, objects such as rings/wedding rings and metal watches are commonly used for psychometry. If you have a metal amulet, ring, necklace, or charm, you can cleanse, charge, anoint and empower it to bring you protection or power. The more often and the longer you wear or carry the amulet on you, the stronger the amulet’s power will become. While an amulet often has a specific function to protect or bring you power, a mojo charm token can bring love, success, wealth or whatever you desire. A mojo charm is often added to other items such as herbs and other curios, then sewn into a felt bag and carried in a pocket out of sight of others. The mojo bag is fed daily with a conjure oil or whiskey. Iron can be placed around windows and doors to prevent unwelcome energies from entering your home. Buried at the four corners of your yard to protect your property further.

The metals that I mainly work with in the smithy are copper and iron/steel.

Copper – It is primarily a conductor and it is also a bridge in many ways. Copper can be used to draw away negative energy. One of the most fascinating aspects of metal magical correspondences is that often the metaphysical properties match up with its tangible, physical ones. For instance, in the engineering and science worlds, copper is used as a conductor of electricity and heat. It allows the flow of a current back and forth. So, if copper can transfer energy in one direction or another in your home or workplace, guess what one of the metaphysical associations of copper will be? Hopefully you said energy conduction! Copper makes an excellent addition to a magical wand or staff. Take the wand you’ve already got and wrap it in copper wire. Many people believe that this will give you a bit of a magical boost. Like several other metals, copper is also associated with currency and financial wellbeing. During the early Roman period, unrefined lumps of copper were used as money. By the time of the Caesars, however, Roman engineers had figured out how to blend copper with other metals to form alloys, and if you were an emperor, it became a mark of prestige to have coins minted with your own face on them. Today, you don’t have to make your own coins, but if you place a few pieces of copper in your kitchen, it is said to bring money your way. Finally, you can use copper in healing magic. Have you ever seen those little copper bracelets that people wear, that are supposed to help with aches and pains? There may or may not actually be any science behind that, but on a metaphysical level, many people swear by it. Now imagine having a copper item hammered with a specific sigil or design just for you! Juicy, huh?

Iron is thought of as the heart of the Earth as well as the heart of the universe itself. It is both terrestrial and stellar; as above, so below. Therefore, you can use iron as a grounding tool for earthbound work and as a universal tool for other work. Iron is the metal of choice for out of body experiences and journeys as it opens the connections between this world, and the others. Iron’s magical properties include war, strength, confidence, honor, force, determination, power, and ferocity. The blacksmith was once considered the master of fire, he worked closely with iron daily, and people considered him something akin to a magician. Some traditions say iron is the blood or bones of the earth and is sacred. Use iron in grounding rituals and workings, or if you’re heading in the opposite direction, use it for astral travel or journeys. Iron is an almost archetypical representation of the warrior, of power, and of courage. Early weaponry was made from iron ores, and much of humanity conquest and control of the natural world is rooted in our ability to manipulate iron. Think Iron age! We also contain iron in our blood which helps with stamina – anyone aware of iron-deficiency can tell you about the debilitating fatigue and weakness caused by low iron levels in the blood.

I hope by now, I have helped you think about adding metal to your practice. Let me know if I can help!

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