Mixing Magic

I have currently found myself in a bit of a rut, (Does this ever happen to you?). There is really no other way to ease into that, is there? It is what it is. And, as I usually find it in my world, I get these ‘pings’. This particular ping pretty much said, ‘So, what are you going to do about it? Just stand there and bleed?’ (I get this one a lot, and those that have read my book will understand). After all, I am a witch, sorcerer, magician or what ever word that seems to be in fashion these days. At the root of it all, I am powerful. (Gives me chills just to write that). Which leads me to one of my favorite sayings: “words mean stuff”. So, when my life becomes challenging, I find it best to roll up the old sleeves and get to Work. What kind of magic user would I be if I didn’t you know, use magic? I do it for others on the regular. I deserve some of that juicy goodness too!

There I was, doing my morning meds (I spend time EVERY morning at Her

altar in meditation, conversation, etc.) feeling down on myself. I remember saying, ‘I could use a little help here. How about sharing some of that sorcery with me? Show me what I need to do.’

Operable words here – what ‘I’ need to do. I like to take responsibility and ownership. I understand that there are times that things just happen. It’s just that I like to focus on, ‘now what do I do?’ rather than ‘look at what happened’. I can’t always control what happens, I can control how I react to it. I prefer action. In my experience, it rarely ever fixes itself. The sooner I address it, the better off I am, I have found. Eat that frog as they say.

Back to ‘Show me what I need to do’. A couple things happened not soon thereafter. I was doing my finishing work on my weekly Ogham studies and just happened to be the fid of Duir. Which I see it as being all about strength, directing power, endurance, a firm foundation and more. Duh! (Insert neon pointy sign here). Then about an hour or so later I was reading a post about how someone felt about the power of the Morrigan’s poetry. Now, I grew up with stories, not poetry. The poetry I heard was the ‘roses are red, violets are blue’ kind. So, I was challenged with understanding what the