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Mixing Magic

Updated: Feb 4, 2023

I have currently found myself in a bit of a rut, (Does this ever happen to you?). There is really no other way to ease into that, is there? It is what it is. And, as I usually find it in my world, I get these ‘pings’. This particular ping pretty much said, ‘So, what are you going to do about it? Just stand there and bleed?’ (I get this one a lot, and those that have read my book will understand). After all, I am a witch, sorcerer, magician or what ever word that seems to be in fashion these days. At the root of it all, I am powerful. (Gives me chills just to write that). Which leads me to one of my favorite sayings: “words mean stuff”. So, when my life becomes challenging, I find it best to roll up the old sleeves and get to Work. What kind of magic user would I be if I didn’t you know, use magic? I do it for others on the regular. I deserve some of that juicy goodness too!

There I was, doing my morning meds (I spend time EVERY morning at Her

altar in meditation, conversation, etc.) feeling down on myself. I remember saying, ‘I could use a little help here. How about sharing some of that sorcery with me? Show me what I need to do.’

Operable words here – what ‘I’ need to do. I like to take responsibility and ownership. I understand that there are times that things just happen. It’s just that I like to focus on, ‘now what do I do?’ rather than ‘look at what happened’. I can’t always control what happens, I can control how I react to it. I prefer action. In my experience, it rarely ever fixes itself. The sooner I address it, the better off I am, I have found. Eat that frog as they say.

Back to ‘Show me what I need to do’. A couple things happened not soon thereafter. I was doing my finishing work on my weekly Ogham studies and just happened to be the fid of Duir. Which I see it as being all about strength, directing power, endurance, a firm foundation and more. Duh! (Insert neon pointy sign here). Then about an hour or so later I was reading a post about how someone felt about the power of the Morrigan’s poetry. Now, I grew up with stories, not poetry. The poetry I heard was the ‘roses are red, violets are blue’ kind. So, I was challenged with understanding what the big deal was with poetry. Then I heard Amanda Gorman. Check. I can see it now. Feel it now. Understand it now. I put these two things together and the picture it painted was the power of words.

Words. Say the words. Do the craft. Conjure it up. Speak it into existence. In the Abrahamic traditions it is said, in the beginning was the word. Words are powerful. If negative self-talk can end up being a self-fulfilling prophecy, why wouldn’t positive self-talk? How about setting myself up for success? Stack the deck into my favor so to speak. After all, I am the card slinger. So, say the words, do the craft, conjure it up, speak it into existence. Intention.

I have decided.

I came up with a talisman that I will be making for the Full Moon. Brass. Mixed metal. Think of a gold coin. A mixture of copper and zinc. Both of which our bodies need to be healthy. We are connected, copper, zinc and I (as well as you too btw). It’s an easy choice. Once again, if you have read my book, I go through how I do this. With using mixed metals (an alloy), I think I will also use this as a superb opportunity to add more to my Working. I will be using Gort (Prosperity, Growth, Abundance) and Tinne (Creative Force, Focus, Mastery, Prosperity) in this Working. I will focus on the strength of my abundance and prosperity. The 'dots' around the outside represent the wheel of the year. So this is going to be a full-time thing for me.

Abundance and prosperity. For me these words are so much more than just the jingle in my jeans. When I used to hear either of these two words, the first thing that would run through my mind would be money. Not anymore. For me that has become much to narrow and limiting. I want to zero in on what needs to be added and increased. To be more, I must become more.

Be more creative. Increase my time management. Be more intentional with my choices. Be more disciplined. More, more, more. In spades.

With this thought in mind, I am also going to do a little candle magic with it this full moon. Next to metal magic, this is my jam. I am going to go all out. I’m going to get one of those fancy dollar store 7-day candles, uncap my sharpie and get Work done! I will write all over it what I am adding in, increasing and or strengthening. Then I am going to sprinkle some of the brass dust from the making of the talisman into it. Every morning after my morning meds I will light it and repeat what is written until the candle is gone. And to give myself some additional leverage, I am adding in some special sauce. I will be affirming this Work in the present. Not the Stuart Smalley type of affirming. Strong words. Powerful words. Present day words. My words. For me I will meditate and chant on at LEAST 3 of these every day. It takes time. All things in my world that are important to me take time. I invest time into the things that are important to me. I create the time to do so. If I can’t figure out a way to make it happen, it can’t really be that important.

I'm going to mix it up!

Here are a few actions that I put together that you can feel free to use.

Download DOCX • 229KB

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