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What’s In Your Pocket?

Updated: Feb 4, 2023

As I have been working on the Metal Magic book and spending time at the Smithy, I have had some thoughts. And several questions. One question I have had is, how do people use metal in their Work? There is a post written about metal magic here. This is how I use metal on the regular. I call them ‘Pocket Notions’. I have made pendants with sigils hammered in. You can see some in my past commissioned work. These are to me a step further, deeper, more intense.

I can make them in several sizes and the one I prefer is the inch by inch by ¼ inch. I like to think of it as a ‘reminder’ size. It’s not too big for me to be in the way, yet it has the dimensions and weight to ‘remind’ me it is there. So it gathers my attention throughout the day. As a result, I can ‘feed’ it. When it has run its course, I can recharge it or use it as an offering.

These I make from mild steel. Also known as low carbon steel. Depending on the making, it is iron and less than 0.25% carbon by weight. I have no problem thinking of this as iron. Iron furious notions!

I have used them for clarity of thought, to see what needs to be seen. Also for stamina, which to me is a different focal point than energy. Both with splendid success. I am sure I will use them again. I can see practically endless uses. Would be great for spell work, wards, etc. One could diddy-bop down to Lowes and get some stock pieces. With a hacksaw and an engraver, you can fix yourself right up. For myself, I use reclaimed metal. And I go through this process, for both myself and others at the Smithy.

What kind of ‘notions’ do you have? Sound off at the bottom of the page.

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