A Pocket Full Of Magic!

In my quest to have metal more involved in my daily spiritual practice, I designed these nifty little knickknacks. I call them Pocket Notions. ‘Pocket’ because I wanted them small enough to fit in my pocket. Easy enough. And with them being the size & weight they are, they would be noticed, drawing my attention and focus as I go through my day. Remembering why they are there and being able to feed them energy. ‘Notion’ to me encompasses several levels: a belief or idea, and a small useful item. Hence the Pocket Notion. I add a simple sigil to it, and forging it on a certain moon cycle easily gives it a noticeable hum, vibration, feeling and/or life so to speak. I like the simplicity of the sigils. To me they are primal. Sometimes (most of the time) less is more. I use them as a defined or narrow focus. Thinking of the K.I.S.S. principle (Keep It Simple Sam). I have used them just as they are. Fresh Forge Bling right from Her smithy, yes please! I have also amplified them by using ritual.

Here is what I have used and have available for others.

The Great Divide. Use this to get help with a desired Detachment, Separation or Disconnect from difficult or harmful situations. Dark moon forged.