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A Pocket Full Of Magic!

Updated: Feb 4, 2023

In my quest to have metal more involved in my daily spiritual practice, I designed these nifty little knickknacks. I call them Pocket Notions. ‘Pocket’ because I wanted them small enough to fit in my pocket. Easy enough. And with them being the size & weight they are, they would be noticed, drawing my attention and focus as I go through my day. Remembering why they are there and being able to feed them energy. ‘Notion’ to me encompasses several levels: a belief or idea, and a small useful item. Hence the Pocket Notion. I add a simple sigil to it, and forging it on a certain moon cycle easily gives it a noticeable hum, vibration, feeling and/or life so to speak. I like the simplicity of the sigils. To me they are primal. Sometimes (most of the time) less is more. I use them as a defined or narrow focus. Thinking of the K.I.S.S. principle (Keep It Simple Sam). I have used them just as they are. Fresh Forge Bling right from Her smithy, yes please! I have also amplified them by using ritual.

Here is what I have used and have available for others.

The Great Divide. Use this to get help with a desired Detachment, Separation or Disconnect from difficult or harmful situations. Dark moon forged.

Starburst. The best use of this is for those who want to hide, PROTECT or keep something secret about themselves. ‘Blinding flash of light.’ Glamory. Can also be used to tap into that primal/sexual energy. Full moon forged.

Mirror. This Notion is about balance. Aiding to even out a situation and getting in line with the rules. As above, so below. Can also be used to put time on your side. Full moon forged.

Caldron Aplenty. This is the perfect talisman for hastening abundance, prosperity and to increase hospitality. Full moon forged

Escalation- Use this talisman when you need a boost of rapid increase, growth or success. Divide, multiply and divide AGAIN. Full moon forged

Nope! This amulet is all about protection, BOUNDARIES and safety. Think of using this to help set and magnify your personal ward, shield or hedge. Dark moon forged

Triumph. A remarkable talisman to help with new beginnings. You can almost feel the warmth of the sun on your shoulder as you start a new adventure. Can also be a great benefit with ‘shining a light’ on a situation to gain clarity. Full moon forged

Broad Sword. Support and increase your own strength and courage with this talisman. It can also be extremely useful to secure justice. Dark moon forged


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