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March Moon Bling-Stronghold

March Moon Bling-Stronghold

I see Ruis as an experience of some of those base, primal emotions. You know, Anger, Revenge, Shame, Passion, Obsession, etc. And I think in the coming months, with the world the way it is, experiencing these base emotions will be required.

The ‘circle’ of Fern. I see this as a safe place to experience and notice the depth of the emotion. Healthy like. And it can also be that safe place to let the drive of obsession to motivate you to live your passion. Passion about helping folks, art, writing, that thing you REALLY want to do. Whatever YOUR WORK is.

So, this talisman is a ‘Yes And..’. It can prompt you to feel into those intense primal emotions you’ve got stuffed down, in a place of safety. And it can ‘release the Kraken!’ of your passion to step into your Work.


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Forged on the same steel that my large Ogham tablets are. This is a thicker, so a bit heavier than a normal pendant. 

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