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Steel Ogham Dice Set

Steel Ogham Dice Set

Do you use the Ogham in your divination Work? Do you want to add the Ogham to your divination Work? Do you want to study the Ogham? Do you want something easy to carry around? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these, I have an awesome solution for you!


Tempered steel Ogham dice. I have forged these in the ritual space of the smithy. Each set will include one die for each of the four Acme. It will have each of the feda hammered in and there will be one blank side on each die. You can roll all of them for a reading or just one for a daily focus. Or a mix of each. I have exposed the dice to high heat in order to temper to this vibrant color.


You can create a connection to this tool for effective Work. With these being steel (which is about 98% iron, and we have iron in our bodies) you can have a natural connection with this tool. Read more about creating a relationship to your metal tools in part three of my book Metal Never Lies: An Introduction to Metal Magic

Measures approx. 1/2 inch. 

  • Hand Forged

    These items are hand forged and and may vary slightly in size and color from what is pictured.

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