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Steel Tempered Spiral Wand

Steel Tempered Spiral Wand

These steel wands have been forged within ritual space. The square shaped wand has a gentle twist towards the middle. The round shaped wand has been given a hammer texture to give it a unique and natural look and feel. The spiral end on each has been tempered to bring out the vibrant energy of this magnificent tool. It would make a fantastic addition to your kit and will surely become a legacy item.

With these being steel (which is about 98% iron, and we have iron in our bodies) you can have a natural connection with this tool. Read more about creating a relationship to your metal tools in part three of my book. Measures appropriately 9.5 inches long and 3/8 inches thick.

  • Hand Forged

    Hand Forged

    These items are hand forged and and may vary slightly in size and color from what is pictured.

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