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Ponderings of the Magical Blacksmithing Immersion.

Updated: Feb 4, 2023

This Springs edition of the Magical Blacksmithing Immersion was different than in years past. One of the more interesting ways were that it was made up of more than half of past participants. I found it very flattering, that that many folks got so much from their first Immersion, that they wanted more of it. We did discuss some information in a unique way than in years past. Not that those others were less than, this was simply a different delivery. As I am working towards the end of the first draft of my metal magic book,(I don’t have a title for it yet), I was able to talk about some of the information in a unique way than the others. So, it was the same, yet different. I have developed a system, for lack of a better word, to work with metal in a magical way. And it is making a difference based on the feedback I have gotten. Also, knowing what to expect allowed some to not to have expectations. One participant said that they tried to follow my “suggestion to not have an idea of what to make. The process seemed less pressured, from my expectations.”

I always try to tell those that attend, to not come with an idea necessarily of what you want to make. Come with an idea to see what the metal wants. I realize that is a challenge. A big one. I tell folks all the time, ‘the metal never lies.’ And yet it seems most must experience this firsthand to understand. Then there is the land here. There is something about it. To work in conjunction with such a healing place. To camp out on it. To be able to experience the labyrinth and have that time to be by yourself, alone on and with it. Another participant who returned said that the time seemed to stand still this time and they were able to get Work done. They were grateful for a pace that allowed them the ability to go along as they needed to.

For me, this one of my favorite events to host and teach. Not only do I get to help continue the craft of smithing, I also get to help others have a much deeper understanding of metal magic. A glimpse of what it can be. Of how to start the practice of it. Multiple separate ways to work with metal. Ways to listen. The possible beginnings of a rabbit hole. Night forging. Healthy home cooked meals. It is truly, a life changing time.

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