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Cold Forge Charcoal

Cold Forge Charcoal

There’s charcoal, then there is Cold Forge Charcoal. This is the charcoal that remains after my Sacred Forging. To think of it another way, it has been through the fire of a sacred forging, and has not been consumed. Strong stuff. Whether you are using it to craft your own black salt (it goes into ours), or use it on its own for purification, protection or cleansing, this should really do the trick! This is also used in the incense I make.

At Ravens Keep Forge, I make the charcoal that fuels the forge. From gathering the timber (from fallen timber), cutting it, splitting it, stacking it to dry, to then using it in the torte and the fire underneath to finally make the charcoal.

Yes, it is a lot of work. And yes, you deserve the best possible ‘Forge Bling’ and supplies for your practice. It matters to me, as I am sure it matters to you.

Each bag will contain 2+ tsp of charcoal


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